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The COVID-19 pandemic is currently ravaging communities across the world. More than ever, we are truly all in this together. At the moment in Arizona, our local communities have generally not been as impacted by as high of case numbers as other areas. However, social isolation and shelter-in-place are taking a heavy toll on the mental, emotional, and economic health of our families and the community at large. So how can we be the Church to our neighbors, family, friends, and community -- both locally and around the world -- while staying and keeping others safe?

We have come up with a list of ideas as to how you can help support others while maintaining compliance with the shelter-in-place ordinance. 

If you are someone that needs help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will try to get you connected with the best community resources available. 

12. lead by example

As the Church, it's important that we show others how much we care for the lives and safety of the people around us--even when that means sacrifice. An extremely practical way to love your neighbor is to lead by example. Stay home and maintain a healthy routine and other practices within isolation.  Post positive things on social media, and follow truthful, and reliable, sources. We are committed to leading by example and we hope you will be too. Follow our Facebook page for examples of this! 

13. pray

This one may seem so obvious but is so important! People need the hope of Christ now more than ever and there are so many things we have to pray for--both in the form of requests but also in gratitude! Practice gratitude in your prayer life while praying for your family, friends, neighbors, people who have been affected by COVID-19, people in high-risk populations, essential workers, and ALL leaders who are in charge of making huge decisions in this stress-filled time. 

14. make it fun!

There are so many great ways to stay connected and have fun in this time--it just takes a little creativity! Have a virtual game night, start a virtual book club, draw a chalk obstacle course on the sidewalk for a little extra pizzazz for passersby, find board games or other games you can play online with friends, have a Netflix watch party and turn it into a movie night, challenge your friends to a dance-off, make dinner and record it so that you can pretend you have your own cooking show, pretend you're a news anchor and share some good news (or just watch actor John Krasinski do it on his Youtube series), follow a painting or craft tutorial with your family, have a competitive Wii or Switch tournament and come up with a prize for the winner. Continue finding reasons to celebrate and enjoy the life we live; they are present!

Some points adapted from City Collective Church, Canada

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