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What to expect


PHYSICAL CONTACT: To help slow the spread of germs, we are encouraging minimal forms of physical contact...we do lots of "knuckles"!

MAIN DOORS OPEN: We keep the door open to minimize the risk of passing germs by touching the common surface of a door handle.

HAND SANITIZER ON PREMISES: We encourage everyone to use the hand sanitizer on the way in and out of church.

BRING A FACE MASK IF NEEDED: Since masks are no longer mandatory by law, we are not pushing that you wear one, especially if you have been vaccinated. However, if you are more comfortable doing so, please feel free to wear one, especially while entering and leaving, as well as while mingling and around those considered "at risk". If you prefer to wear your own face mask, please do so, otherwise we provide throw-away masks.

MAINTAIN 6 FEET APART: Chairs are spread out to observe CDC social-distancing guidelines. Families often sit together, and typically sit at least 6 feet from others. 

COFFEE AND REFRESHMENTS: We are serving snacks and coffee again. We often have individually-wrapped snacks, or we provide plastic throw-away papers to get your snack with. We also have bottled waters available.

CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS: We are meeting for our Children's Program during the preaching portion of the service. Children are encouraged to attend Junior Church for a Bible Lesson, craft, game, and snack (individually packaged). However, if you prefer, children are welcome to be in the service sitting with their family. We have large, round tables for a family to sit at together so the children can draw, color, and complete an activity packet.

SANITIZING & DISINFECTING WILL BE DONE FOR EACH SERVICE: We go through and sanitize and disinfect tables, doors, etc, before the service. 

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